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Re: Problem installing coreutils-5.2.1 over the same prefix

From: DervishD
Subject: Re: Problem installing coreutils-5.2.1 over the same prefix
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 09:48:06 +0200
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    Hi Paul :)

 * Paul Eggert <address@hidden> dixit:
> > I've downloaded and installed coreutils-5.2.1 and the 'make
> > install-strip' command fails when installing 'mv', since old /bin/mv
> > (I install my coreutils in prefix '/')
> Wow!  You're brave.

    Why? I always have a backup at hand an a static sash just in case
something goes wrong when installing (which was just the case, BTW)
;) A long time ago I installed my fileutils, textutils, etc. under
/usr, but that lead to problems because lots of scripts wanted that
utilities under, for example, /bin/cp, /bin/mv, etc... OK, they
shouldn't assume that, but...

    What really amazes me is that no one reported this problem
before: am I the only who compiles his own coreutils and installs
them over the old ones? O:)

    And now is when you send me directly to your killfile: I've asked
in the past a couple of times about including a 'renice' command to
coreutils, with no answer. Will it be included in the future? If so,
I have written a very small 'renice' command for using in my box.
It surely is a crap, maybe non-portable and has nothing to do with
GNU coding standards, but it can be used as an starting point. If you
want it, just tell.

    Thanks a lot to the team that makes coreutils possible. I won't
use my Linux without them ;)))) BTW, the new adjust 'ls' makes to the
columns is damn good :) Weird at first, but very useful to have more
room for the file name :)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

Linux Registered User 88736 &

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