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Re: RFC: deprecating mkinstalldirs

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: RFC: deprecating mkinstalldirs
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 19:12:04 +0100
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Hi Alexandre,

> This patch introduces a new variable @mkdir_p@ set by configure
> to either
>    `mkdir -m 0755 -p --'      when supported,
> or `$(mkinstalldirs) -m 0755' if the mkinstalldirs script is present,
> or `$(install-sh) -m 0755 -d' otherwise.

Looks all fine to me.

> I have been wavering whether it was better to overwrite the
> definition of $(mkinstalldirs) with things like `mkdir -p' or
> `install-sh -d' or to define a new variable for this.  I've
> finally opted for the latter, because (1) I think it's better
> for $(mkinstalldirs) to keep its original value as long as
> mkinstalldirs exists in the source tree, (2) if mkinstalldirs is
> going to disappear it seems better to deprecate the variable as
> well.

I agree with (2): If ultimately on most systems the variable will
contain "mkdir ... -p --", then it should be called $(mkdir_p).

About (1), I'm not sure it's needed, because you already make the
distinction between
   MKINSTALLDIRS - the pathname to the 'mkinstalldirs' script
   mkinstalldirs - the command
and this distinction gives other maintainers enough freedom.

Anyway, all fine.

> As far as Gettext is concerned ...

Future versions of gettext will incorporate the mkdirp.m4 macro file
(because gettext's macros assume autoconf, not automake). and gettextize
will then eventually distribute install-sh instead of mkinstalldirs,
for those platforms where "mkdir -p" doesn't work.

Thanks for having thought at a solution that makes migration in several
steps easy for everyone.


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