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From: Tana Butler
Subject: HELP!!
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 14:51:44 -0800

I never EVER sent the spam listed here:

I swear on my life.

Whoever did that is an embittered, illiterate miscreant. I have spent my entire fifteen years on line fighting spam and spammers, and am a paying subscriber to

Please remove my contact information from that shameful page. I am not the source of that fact I was travelling across country (from New York to San Jose) at the time it was posted. I came home to 1200 (!!!!) responses to that bullshit spam, and though most were undeliverable mail, many were irate responses from people too ignorant to know how to read full headers.

I have dealt with, and reported, this illegality, and the spammer presumably has been censured. In the meantime, REMOVE my name from the association with such idiocy or I will look into the legal ramifications of your libel. And it IS libel. It is false, and it is deleterious. I will not tolerate such filth.

Sincerely, and with great gravity,
Tana Butler

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