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Re: Convert a couple more Automake::Variable functions to methods

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: Convert a couple more Automake::Variable functions to methods
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2003 19:12:10 +0200
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>>> "Hari" == Raja R Harinath <address@hidden> writes:

 Hari> Hi,
 Hari> This patch continues the program of removing some variable name vs.
 Hari> 'Automake::Variable' polymorphism in a couple more functions, with
 Hari> some drive-by renaming.

Thanks a lot for doing this!

 Hari> Index: ChangeLog
 Hari> from  Raja R Harinath  <address@hidden>
 Hari>  * lib/Automake/ (@EXPORT): Remove
 Hari>  traverse_variable_recursively and
 Hari>  require_variables_for_variable.
 Hari>  (require_variables_for_variable, traverse_variable_recursively)
 Hari>  (_traverse_variable_recursively_worker): Convert to
 Hari>  Automake::Variable methods, remove support for being
 Hari>  invoked with variable names, and rename to ...
 Hari>  (requires_variables, traverse_recursively)
 Hari>  (_do_recursive_traversal): ... these.
 Hari>  (_value_as_list_recursive_worker, transform_variable_recursively):
 Hari>  Update to reflect changes.
 Hari>  * (handle_LIBOBJS, handle_ALLOCA)
 Hari>  (handle_libraries, handle_ltlibraries, am_primary_prefixes):
 Hari>  Likewise.
 Hari>  (define_objects_from_sources): Fix typo in comment.



 Hari> +      my $var = var ($prefix[0] . '_LIBRARIES');
 Hari> +      $var->requires_variables ('library used', 'RANLIB');

Please prefer rvar().  We should use rvar() every time a
variable must (logically) exist.  The output of var() should
always be checked for before use.


 Hari> +      my $var = var ($prefix[0] . '_LTLIBRARIES');
 Hari> +      $var->requires_variables ('Libtool library used', 'LIBTOOL');

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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