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Re: DEJATOOL and multiple tests [PATCH]

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: DEJATOOL and multiple tests [PATCH]
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 00:49:39 +0200
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>>> "Rich" == Richard Dawe <address@hidden> writes:

 Rich> Hello.
 Rich> After reading the DejaGnu manual a little more and playing with it
 Rich> a bit more, I think my original suggestion of removing 'set tool'
 Rich> from site.exp is correct.

Thanks for digging this.


 Rich> OK to commit (to HEAD and branch-1.7)?

Yes.  Thanks a lot.


 Rich> --- NEWS 14 Apr 2003 19:59:29 -0000      1.209
 Rich> +++ NEWS 17 Apr 2003 22:12:07 -0000
 Rich> @@ -83,6 +83,9 @@ New in 1.7a:
 Rich> overridden.  Fortunately, it appears that few packages use a
 Rich> non-PHONY `html' rule.
 Rich> +Bugs fixed in 1.7a:
 Rich> +* Multiple tests are now correctly supported in DEJATOOL.
 Rich> +

Please put this bit only on branch-1-7.  HEAD currently lists
only new features, assuming that all bug fixes NEWSed on
branch-1-7 for 1.7.1 ... 1.7.4 will be merged into the HEAD's
NEWS before the 1.8 (I planned, but forgot, to do that with the
1.6.x changes before the 1.7 release.)


 Rich> +++ tests/dejagnu6.test  Thu Apr 17 23:04:33 2003
 Rich> +# Check that "make check" fails, when a DejaGnu test fails.
 Rich> +$MAKE check || true

I think you meant

 $MAKE check && exit 1

Otherwise you never make sure that `make check' fails.

 Rich> +++ tests/dejagnu7.test  Thu Apr 17 23:07:08 2003
 Rich> +$MAKE check || true

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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