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Re: Don't punish non-DJGPP/non-Windows platforms..., rev. 2 [PATCH]

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: Don't punish non-DJGPP/non-Windows platforms..., rev. 2 [PATCH]
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 21:03:35 +0200
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Hi Richard,

>>> "Richard" == Richard Dawe <address@hidden> writes:


 Richard> This should apply cleanly to both the 1.7 and 1.8 branches.

I'd prefer this goes only on HEAD.  Let's try to put only
bug-fixes and doc improvements on branch-1-7.

 Richard> 2003-03-31  Richard Dawe  <address@hidden>

 Richard> * Get the target platform name.
 Richard> +case $target in

You care about a target platform only when you build a
cross-compiler or its supporting tools.  The above idiom is very
common amongst existing configure.ins but it's usually an error:
what people mean is _HOST and $host.  It would be nice to find
a way to teach people this... any idea?  

Where do you learn to use $target?  Maybe this is the place we
should fix.  (FWIW I already fixed the place were *I* learned to
use $target...)

In this precise case I guess we only want _BUILD and $build.


 Richard> +AC_MSG_CHECKING([how many seconds we should wait after modifying a 
 Richard> +AC_CACHE_VAL([am_cv_modification_delay], [
 Richard> +case $target in
 Richard> +  *-pc-msdosdjgpp) am_cv_modification_delay=5;;
 Richard> +  *)               am_cv_modification_delay=2;;
 Richard> +esac
 Richard> +])
 Richard> +AC_SUBST([MODIFICATION_DELAY], [$am_cv_modification_delay])
 Richard> +AC_MSG_RESULT([$am_cv_modification_delay])

Driving the autotank :) There is no point in caching the result
of this case statement.  Just handling the cache value will take
as much time as the case statement.  We don't need the checking
message either because (1) this is not a check, and (2) the
value will appear at the only place we may need to know it :
when the user runs a testcase in verbose mode.


Since I've very little time these days, I'd find convenient that
you can just check in your changes once they have been approved.
If that's not any additional burden to you, could you fill the
following form?

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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