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Re: FYI: six-tests-need-autoconf.patch

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: FYI: six-tests-need-autoconf.patch
Date: 07 Dec 2001 12:18:57 +0100
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| By installing Automake on a host lacking Autoconf I've discovered
| the following 6 failures:
| FAIL: confsub.test
| FAIL: depdist.test 
| FAIL: extra5.test
| FAIL: nobase.test
| FAIL: stamph2.test
| FAIL: subdirbuiltsources.test
| I'm committing the $needs_autoconf guards as shown below,
| because the other tests do that.
| However I'm wondering whether allowing people to install
| Automake on an Autoconf-less system makes any sense at all.
| Personally, I'd prefer that Automake's configure abort if
| Autoconf is not found.  (This will probably be important
| when Automake switches to --traces)

Right.  Please, do that if you prefer.

| Index: ChangeLog
| from  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <address@hidden>
|       * tests/confsub.test, tests/depdist.test, tests/extra5.test,
|       tests/nobase.test, tests/stamph2.test,
|       tests/subdirbuiltsources.test: Require Autoconf.

Again, I would prefer to have the general $required mechanism replace
the various $needs_*.

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