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rb5: remove combinatorial explosion patch

From: richard boulton
Subject: rb5: remove combinatorial explosion patch
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 18:11:44 -0700 (PDT)

My mailserver has just crashed and looks like
being down for the weekend at least, so I've
temporarily subscribed from this address... :<

(Please complain at me privately if it does
something horrible like send HTML mail: I think
I've turned all that stuff off, but ...)

> I think this is awesome and very important.  But I'd
also prefer to
> put it off until post-1.5.  I'm concerned about
introducing too many
> more new things right now.
> What if we make a new branch after your other change
is checked in?
> Then we can do 1.5 development on that branch -- bug
fixes, whatever
> final testing and prereleases we need, etc.  On the
trunk we'll add
> new stuff.  This is what I would prefer.  How about

I understand your concern.  I'm happy with your
proposal as long as 1.6 comes out a matter of months
after 1.5, rather than years. ;-)

Making a branch for 1.5 should concentrate the mind
nicely, too.

I'll leave it to you to make the branch...

> I haven't read this patch yet.
> Does it work with $(var:foo=bar) ?

It should do.  Making this work is a good chunk of
the code...
As far as I know, the behaviour should be identical
after the patch to that beforehand.

Substitutions are implemented (as before) by
processing the value at automake runtime, rather
than putting appropriate substitutions in the
makefile.  This means that configure substitutions
and "make MYSRC=foo.c" overrides won't work correctly
(the former is at least warned about).  If we're
prepared to require make to support substitution
references, I think we could fix this eventually,
though.  If we're not prepared to require substitution
references, we still need to do some fixing so that
the _SOURCES variables (and any others) have the
substituions worked out by automake: currently they're
just left in the


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