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[Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, v1.13.2b, created. v

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: [Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, v1.13.2b, created. v1.13.2b
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 09:51:34 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Automake".;a=commitdiff;h=58a9ad3b7a71bf3ceeb91722ae14aa025c7cef6f

The annotated tag, v1.13.2b has been created
        at  58a9ad3b7a71bf3ceeb91722ae14aa025c7cef6f (tag)
   tagging  a1e97a9f7fc5472404656cde483c6fc59478a625 (commit)
  replaces  v1.13.2
 tagged by  Stefano Lattarini
        on  Thu May 30 14:11:26 2013 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Beta release 1.13.2b
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Peter Rosin (5):
      tests: avoid a spurious failure on non-POSIX systems
      tests: avoid a spurious failure with MSVC
      tests: avoid a spurious failure on MSYS
      tests: prune some weed in a non-POSIX test
      depcomp: avoid trailing backslash in depfile for depmode=msvc7

Stefano Lattarini (61):
      post-release: micro version bump (1.13.2a)
      maint: tests no longer need to have executable bit set
      tests: remove exec bit from all of them ('micro' branch)
      tests: use perl, not find+rm, to remove temporary directories
      tests: fix some botched/outdated comments
      tests: sanitize 'unset' usages
      lisp: fix a failure with Solaris /usr/xpg4/bin/sh
      maintcheck: minor tweaks and fixlets
      test-lib: fix botched function name in an error message
      test-lib: minor style changes
      tests: better idiom to override make macro defs on the cmdline
      tests: only activate 'unset' alias if required
      tests: run_make: options to do command redirection
      tests: two minor fixups
      cosmetics: remove a couple of extra whitespaces in tests
      tests: remove some code duplication
      HACKING: it's OK to do testsuite refactoring in a micro version
      tests: fix a potential spurious failure due to global
      comments: next GNU make release 4.0, not 3.83
      lint: warn against redirected 'run_make' invocations
      tests: avoid use of redirected 'run_make' invocations
      tests: avoid '$MAKE' redirections, use 'run_make' instead
      tests: new convenience target 'check-parallel'
      tests: use append mode to capture parallel make output
      tests: ensure $required is not set too late
      tests: rename $am_make_rc_got -> $am_make_rc
      lint: better name for a syntax check
      lint: recipes of syntax check require GNU grep; ensure it is used
      lint: cosmetics: some reordering
      lint: cosmetics: use #-comments, not ##-comments
      lint: remove a couple of obsolete syntax checks
      NEWS: document testsuite work for 1.13.3
      tests: avoid a couple of extra sleep with GNU make
      tests: remove some useless 'unset' of variables
      tests: adjust or remove some obsolete comments
      tests: couple of minor tweaks in demo tests in C++ and Libtool
      tests: remove one obsolete workaround for long-lifted limitations
      tests: remove an "unworthy" FIXME comment
      test-lib: typofix in comments
      tests: expose automake bug#14441
      Automake::Rule: expose suffix rules as a function, not a scalar
      suffix rules: better distinction between builtin and user-derived
      Automake::Rule: make private variables lexically scoped
      Automake::Rule: adjust comments and POD according to previous changes
      Automake::Rule: rename: suffix_rule() -> next_in_suffix_chain()
      Automake::Rule: consistently prepend underscore to private variables
      NEWS: document fix for bug#14441
      maint: install minimal supported autoconf through convenience targets
      maint: test minimal supported autoconf through convenience target
      maint: sanity checks in 'check-minimal-autoconf' convenience target
      docs: AM_PROG_MKDIR_P: will not be removed in 2.0 release of Automake
      NEWS: fix a couple of typos in older entries
      NEWS: Automake 2.0 will assume "rm -f" without args work
      NEWS: report recent documentation fix about AM_PROG_MKDIR_P
      Merge branch 'suffix-rules-work' into micro
      NEWS: fix typos and grammaros
      cosmetics: tiny whitespace fixlets
      t/README: document "run_make", discourage "make -e"
      NEWS: document recent testsuite fixes (MinGW/MSYS related)
      sync: update config.guess from upstream
      release: beta release 1.13.2b (will become 1.13.3)


GNU Automake

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