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Detecting object file format

From: Sébastien Hinderer
Subject: Detecting object file format
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 11:51:35 +0200

Dear all,

Sorry if the question is trivial. I am wondering how one should proceed
to determine the object file format used on a target system in a script?

To be more precise: I am working on a project which tests this by trying
to compile a C program that has a different behaviour according to
whether __ELF__ is defined or not. I am supposed to replace a hand-written
configure script that uses this program by an autoconf-generated one
for this project and I wonder how I should deal with this test.
I notice that config.guess does probe for __ELF__ but I don't know
whether there is a way to access this information from within the script, or whether I will perhaps need to write a
dedicated test that compiles the program as in the original project?

Many thanks in advance for any hint,


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