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AC_CHECK_HEADERS, preprocessor call and Solaris

From: Rainer Gerhards
Subject: AC_CHECK_HEADERS, preprocessor call and Solaris
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 12:04:01 +0200

Hi all,

I am porting my rsyslog project to the Solaris Sunstudio compiler (no
fun, I know...).

I have a problem with AC_CHECK_HEADERS. When it calls the
preprocessor, it ignores CFLAGS. However, the Sunstudio compiler needs
-std=c99 even when the preprocessor is called and if it is missing,
things do not work out.

I know I can use the optional forth argument to skip the preprocessor
call, but this does not sound like a really clean solution (more kind
of a work-around). I am searching for a way to make autoconf call the
preprocessor with a set of flags I can specify. Is this possible?

For your reference, here is a failed build:

A problem line is
""/usr/include/sys/feature_tests.h", line 358: #error: "Compiler or
options invalid; UNIX 03 and POSIX.1-2001 applications require the use
of c99""

Searching for "Compiler or options invalid" brings up the details.
There are multiple instances.


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