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'pkglibexecdir' is not a legitimate directory

From: Itamar Gal
Subject: 'pkglibexecdir' is not a legitimate directory
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 17:15:50 -0500

Hey autoconf folks,

I'm following some outdated instructions in an attempt to compile some
proprietary, closed-source, unsupported, legacy code. Here is what a
typical shell session looks like:

$ autoreconf -fi

src/ error: 'pkglibexecdir' is not a legitimate
directory for 'PYTHON'
autoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 1

$ cat src/

pkglibexecdir = $(libexecdir)/packagename

nobase_pkglibexec_PYTHON = \

BUILT_SOURCES = some_source

    ln -s ../lib/python/some_source some_source

I'm using GNU Autoconf 2.69 on CentOS 7. I'm also having similar issues
with other packages in the same project. I'm assuming that there's a quick
fix for this problem but I'm not very comfortable with autotools and most
of what I've found via google hasn't made a lot of sense to me. Any advice
would be greatly appreciated!


P.S. I've also posted this question on stackexchange, so I'm including a
link here in case someone wants to go claim credit for their solution (I'm
not sure what the etiquette is on cross-posting to mailing lists):

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