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Re: Configure for non-gcc compiler

From: A.P. Horst
Subject: Re: Configure for non-gcc compiler
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 10:24:59 +0200
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On 18-4-2013 21:23, Eric Blake wrote:
Using AC_PROG_CC without arguments already provides your configure
script with a rather long list of compiler names to try, but it you are
absolutely certain that you want to make an even longer list of default
compiler names to try by default, you can call AC_PROG_CC([gcc cc ...])
to populate the list with your set of default names.
And here I was thinking this was only to change the default order.
Now I tried this and what I was afraid of is also happening: AC_PROG_CC tries all kinds of things the compiler doesn't understand. It gets a long way but then fails with 'cannot compute suffix of object files' because the compiler doesn't understand the option '-c'. Do you think it is viable (or even possible) of modifying AC_PROG_CC to my specific needs? Or should I write a custom macro mimicking AC_PROG_CC as an exception for this compiler? I know this violates the philosophy behind autotools, but I see no other way when dealing with embedded targets.

On 18-4-2013 21:27, Paul Eggert wrote:
Autoconf doesn't work very well if you use different C compilers
to compile different bits of C code.  If the compilers are compatible
with each other it'll work, but if not, you could be in trouble.
It is not mixed like this file need this compiler and another needs that compiler, rather I need the complete source tree to be configurable for different target platforms, of which some require a specific (obscure) embedded compiler.


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