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From: Dijk, J. van
Subject: AC_CHECK_HEADER question
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 17:07:44 +0100

Dear all,

I can't imagine that I am the first to have this problem, but did
not manage to find a solution in the manual or on the Internet:
if I missed it, I apologize for that.

In our project, we are using the superlu code. On some systems, the headers are
present in <prefix>/include, on others in <prefix>/include/superlu. We therefore
#include the files without the superlu/ part, as in "#include "slu_util.h" and 
the directory <prefix>/superlu/ to the CPPFLAGS variable in our project.

How can I achieve this with autoconf? I mean: I know how to write a test like

AC_CHECK_HEADER(superlu/slu_util.h, foo, bar),

but how do I obtain (in 'foo') the path relative to which the file 
was found? I was hoping that a variable, let's say 'header_location' is set, so
I can implement 'foo' as something like:


Is there such variable? Or can this be accomplished in a different way?

Your help is appreciated.

With kind regards,

Jan van Dijk.

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