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Macros for QNX POSIX environment

From: suzuki toshiya
Subject: Macros for QNX POSIX environment
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 20:55:37 +0900
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I'm planning to write a small M4 file including the macros for
QNX to enable its POSIX features, and want it to be used by
various packages - is it possible for autoconf package to ask
for the inclusion of the macro file for proprietary platform?


Recently a few people tried to build poppler for QNX and
found that the compiling with no flags cannot exploit the
POSIX features of QNX.

Because many basic features (e.g. getpwnam(), stat(), mkstemp(),
etc) are disabled by default, I wish if the macro checking the
flags to use them is included in autoconf. But I'm afraid that
some people may have the objection to inflate autoconf package
by such files for proprietary platforms. If there is more appropriate
software package that I should ask for the inclusion, please let
me know.

# BTW, the macros to use QNX POSIX environment is not QNX specific.
# The standard macros like _XOPEN_SOURCE are used. So the macro
# file itself would not look like the ugly hack specialized for QNX.


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