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Re: Qt4 autoconf macros

From: Alberto Luaces
Subject: Re: Qt4 autoconf macros
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 16:08:51 +0100
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santilistas writes:

> Frederik Heber1 escribió:
>> Hey there,
>> one look into autoconf archives at
>> revealed: bnv_have_qt
>> ... which however is from 2006.
> Yes, I knew that, but it is for Qt3 and I need it for Qt4.
>> I do use one other macro (gwqt4.m4) but was unable to find it via its
>> filename on the net ... just to make clear: I am not the author. If
>> someone does know, please mail me a ref to put into the m4's comments.
>> As I am currently not aware of the attachment-policy of the
>> mailinglist, just give a shout if bnv_have_qt does not suffice and
>> I'll send it as an attachment.
> I definitely need it, I'll give you a shout. By the way, why can't
> gwqt4.m4 be in the autoconf archives?
> Kind regards
> -s-

Just to point that the salome project has its macro that seems to deal
with Qt 4 and 3:;a=blob;f=GEOM_SRC_5.1.3/adm_local/unix/config_files/check_qt.m4;h=0f28aef7d9255db367155e1b234aecd3db2e682c;hb=HEAD

This is from Debian repository. Click on "raw" to get the actual file.


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