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Re: help with broken autoconf/m4 macro?

From: Charlie Zender
Subject: Re: help with broken autoconf/m4 macro?
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 12:20:08 -0700
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Le 29/07/2010 12:12, Eric Blake a écrit :
> On 07/29/2010 01:02 PM, Charlie Zender wrote:
>> Eric,
>> I immediately tested your simpler definition of NCO_CHECK_FUNCS.
>> It seems to work as advertised, and eliminates many warnings
>> which aclocal and autoheader issued for the last few years.
>> Phew.
>> If someone could email me the location of the archives
>> of this mailing list, I would greatly appreciate it.
>> I am unable to find them on the GNU/autoconf homepage.
> Where were you looking?  I found it rather quickly, starting from the
> home page,, where I see:
> | For general Autoconf discussions, use address@hidden
> In that sentence, the "address@hidden" text is a hyperlink to:
> From there, you can easily find the archives, at:
> But maybe it would make sense to rewrite the home page along these lines:
> <a href="mailto:address@hidden";>address@hidden</a> <a
> href="";>(archives)</a>

exactly, i interpreted address@hidden as a link to the email address,
and did not realize that the underlying link pointed to the listinfo.

Charlie Zender, Department of Earth System Science
University of California, Irvine (949) 891-2429 :)

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