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./configure.lineno: fork: Cannot allocate memory

From: Pierre
Subject: ./configure.lineno: fork: Cannot allocate memory
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 23:28:20 +0200


I built a Linux From Scratch 6.5 yesterday and had no problem doing
"./configure" and "make" under chroot for all the packages. But since my
reboot, when I chroot, if I launch any "./configure" script, nothing happens
on the screen (configure loops, I echoed some messages), consumes more and
more memory ("free -m" on the host), and at the end displays the following
error message :

root:/sources/file-5.03# ./configure
./configure.lineno: fork: Cannot allocate memory
./configure.lineno: fork: Cannot allocate memory
No shell found that supports shell functions.
Please tell address@hidden about your system,
including any error possibly output before this
./configure.lineno: fork: Cannot allocate memory

Which isn't very explicit... Could you please help me determine what's wrong
in my configuration ?

Thanks in advance,


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