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Re: Finding "config.h" in VPATH builds

From: David Bruce
Subject: Re: Finding "config.h" in VPATH builds
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 08:06:41 -0500

Thanks, but that still doesn't work for me - if I leave the include as
#include "config.h" or #include <config.h>, I get errors like:

In function ‘main’:
../../trunk/src/tuxmath.c:47: error: ‘PACKAGE’ undeclared (first use
in this function)

But with #include "../config.h", the build succeeds as a VPATH build,
(albeit with gettext not working, which is what lead me on to this

fwiw, I have a branch of the tree from a few weeks ago where
everything works as intended, including gettext.  There is just a lot
of code that has changed with this merge - I'm hoping someone has some
suggestions for where to look for changes that could cause this
problem with autoheader functioning correctly.  I'm suspicious that my
problem with gettext not working is closely related.

Thanks for any help,

David Bruce

On 9/19/09, Rhys Ulerich <address@hidden> wrote:
>> If I run configure from within trunk, make works successfully, but if
>> I do a VPATH build I get errors because config.h is not located.  If I
>> change ' #include "config.h" '  to ' #include ../config.h" ', it works
>> as either a VPATH build or an in-tree build.  I'm not sure this is the
>> right way to address this, however.
> I have had good VPATH luck using "AM_CPPFLAGS = -I$(top_srcdir)
> -I$(top_builddir)" in my
> I am not sure if this is the kosher way to do it, however.
> - Rhys

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