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how to retrieve expanded variables from configure?

From: none none
Subject: how to retrieve expanded variables from configure?
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 08:02:14 +0200

hi all

im not very familiar with autoconf currently so im not sure my following
assumptions are correct
so, afaik, autoconf and its resulting configure script set many variables
e.g. exec_prefix or bindir, ...

what i try to achive is extract an expanded representation of all variables
configure can/will set
the reason is
1) im just interested about the resulting variables, just to know which can
be used
2) i want use those variables from configure to search/replace using a c++
template engine, so i need to pipe
    all configure variables to the template engine

thats why i need the variables configure produces fully expanded

i tried a like this

but exec_prefix is for example 'NONE' but should be /usr/local
which indeed makes sense cause AC_OUTPUT is missing

so any help on this would be great
thx @ ll

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