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Re: Check directory arguments for consistency

From: Christian Rössel
Subject: Re: Check directory arguments for consistency
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 16:17:22 +0200
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> Hello Christian,
> * Christian Rössel wrote on Wed, May 13, 2009 at 05:50:43PM CEST:
>> configure checks it's standard directory arguments for consistency, e.g.
>> exec_prefix prefix bindir sbindir libexecdir etc.
>> Is there a way to check my own directory argument in the same way, e.g.
>> by adding my directory variable to the list of standard directory
>> variables. Or is there a ready to use macro?
> Not yet, AFAICS it's all hardcoded in the autoconf/general.m4 macro
> _AC_INIT_PARSE_ARGS but you should be able to copy the code quite
> straightforwardly.  Bonus points for producing a patch to factor it
> out and making it usable for third-party code.  ;-)

Hi Ralf,

I pulled the code out of general.m4 and defined the following macro:

# ------------------------------
# Check directory argument DIR_ARG for consistency, i.e. remove trailing
# slashes and abort if argument is not an absolute directory name. Use
# FAILED_OPTION to show the user which option caused an error,  e.g.
# AC_DIR_ARG_CONSISTENT([doxygen_output_dir], [--with-doxygen-output-dir])
for ac_var in $1
  eval ac_val=\$$ac_var
  # Remove trailing slashes.
  case $ac_val in
    */ )
      ac_val=`expr "X$ac_val" : 'X\(.*[[^/]]\)' \| "X$ac_val" : 'X\(.*\)'`
      eval $ac_var=\$ac_val;;
  # Be sure to have absolute directory names.
  case $ac_val in
    [[\\/$]]* | ?:[[\\/]]* )  continue;;
    NONE | '' ) case $ac_var in *prefix ) continue;; esac;;
  if test $# -gt 1; then
    AC_MSG_ERROR([expected an absolute directory name for $2: $ac_val])
    AC_MSG_ERROR([expected an absolute directory name for --$ac_var:

You can also use this as a replacement for the hard coded consistency
check in general.m4, just call it in this way

AC_DIR_ARG_CONSISTENT([exec_prefix prefix bindir ...])

without the second parameter. If you consider this useful and meeting
the autoconf stnadards, please give me some hint for creating a patch.
Which autoconf should I use as base? Currently I'm working with a 2.63
tarball, not with git. Should the new macro placed in general.m4?


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