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Re: problem with ifelse

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: problem with ifelse
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2009 06:54:24 -0700
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According to Vincent Torri on 3/5/2009 11:15 PM:
> autoconf -t ECORE_CHECK_MODULE
> Is it the good option ?

That will indeed trace the arguments that ECORE_CHECK_MODULE was called
with (although in this case, it seems like you wanted the expansion that
occurs after that call has completed).

>> Could you post a snippet
>> where you are actually invoking ECORE_CHECK_MODULE, to make sure there
>> aren't any obvious typos in how you called it?
> Here is an example of use:
> want_ecore_win32="no"
> ECORE_CHECK_MODULE([Win32], [${want_ecore_win32}], [yes],
>   [ecore_win32_libs="-lole32 -lgdi32"])

Bingo.  You are attempting to mix a shell variable ${want_ecore_win32}
(expanded at ./configure time) with an m4 argument $2 (expanded at
autoconf time).  That won't work.  You have to make a decision - either
the code is statically determined at autoconf time (in other words, you
pass a literal "yes" or "no" as the second argument), or you have to emit
both option choices and emit a shell conditional (AS_IF or even to choose the right code path at configure time.  The
reason your code is always selecting the false path is becase
"${want_ecore_win32}" is not identical to "no" during m4 expansion at
autoconf time, and m4 has no way to predict what value that shell variable
will later have at configure time.

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