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Re: config.status --recheck

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: config.status --recheck
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 21:09:19 -0600
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According to Lorenzo Bettini on 10/22/2008 8:45 AM:
>>> so wouldn't it be useful to have an option in config.status that re-runs
>>> configure with these parameters (instead of having to remember them or
>>> copy & paste them)?
>> I'm not quite sure what you are asking for.  'config.status --recheck'
>> reruns configure using the parameters that you originally passed.  And if
>> you find yourself constantly passing the same set of parameters to
>> multiple configure scripts, then consider writing a file:
> I'll take a look at site defaults;
> the problem comes up, for instance, when you remove (or rename) a file
> (e.g., a source file): if you run make, you'll get an error complaining
> that cannot find a required file... running autoreconf does
> not help, nor does config.statue --recheck: you need to manually re-run
> configure

Are you using Automake, and if so, which version?  My recollection is that
older versions of automake often showed this behavior when a .m4 file that
was used in the previous build is deleted, because automake added it as a
dependency to drive an autoreconf, which then runs into the missing file.
I also recall that Ralf Wildenhues checked in a fix that lets newer
automake insert additional .PHONY designations to .m4 files, so that make
coupled with autoreconf can proceed after a renamed .m4 file (but I'm not
sure if it was automake 1.10.1, or the as-yet-unreleased 1.11).

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