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prefix parameter of script configure and cross compile

From: Fritz Code
Subject: prefix parameter of script configure and cross compile
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 08:00:25 +0200


well as far as I know the prefix parameter of the configure script defines
the folder where the program which gets build is supposed to be installed.
So I mean where it is supposed to run and execute.
E.g. we pass a prefix like /home/fritz/newprog then the program gets
installed to that folder and runs within that location.
That means it expects all its configuration files which it needs perpended
with that prefix.

Ok so far no problem.
But let's say we do a cross compile. In this case the prefix parameter
defines the location where the program will be located and run on the target

But the build-system I'm using at the moment uses prefix to specify the
location of the toolchain on the host.
E.g. --prefix /opt/devel/arm7/

But as a result of this, the produced software expects its runtime
environment in the folder /opt/devel/arm7 on the target machine.
So any configuration file needed by the app, is perpended with

So I'm sort of confused with the prefix parameter in the context of cross

So in my opinion it' more logical to specify with (make
DEST_DIR="/opt/devel/arm7" install) the location of the produced app on the
host - temporary until it gets copied to the target.
And the parameter prefix should be filled with something like: /usr/local
(depending on the location where the app gets copied on the target system)



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