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Re: Re:, question

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Re:, question
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 12:39:08 -0400

On 21-Aug-2008, address@hidden wrote:

| >From the very beginning, lies my intention in this point: As there are
| features to correct and implement, I do not want to have any extra
| headaches from the svn users like "Oh, i can't `make install` it here"
| and then i have to troubleshoot that also, finding out that the
| has/have been manipulated -wrongly-.. 

I think you are imagining that this is a serious problem when I'd bet
that it doesn't come up all that often.

| Well till i get things running, i dont want to get anyone fiddle around with
| the build system, that's all. After that, i'd appreciate if anyone comes up
| with a patch, change whatever it is. Help is always welcomed to give
| and take.

If you want users to help you improve your software, then why are you
treating the build scripts in a special way?  The ultimate source code
for the build scripts and Makefiles are the ones you say you don't
want to distribute.

It seems to me that you are telling your users:

  help me fix bugs

  just don't expect to be able to fix bugs in the build system

Why are you doing that?


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