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Question about dir structuring of produced scripts

From: js_bach
Subject: Question about dir structuring of produced scripts
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2008 00:56:05 +0200
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Hello all,

As I run `autoreconf --install` to create the needed scripts and Makefile.*'s,
i realize that autools put those needed to the dir where i have the
and which is root dir for the software. The dir structure looks 
then, as follows:

aclocal.m4                     /* how to move to dir "./build" */
autom4te.cache             /* how to move to dir "./build" */
include                  /*  howto move to dir "./build" */ 

I have found out on that one can customize caching and its stored dir 
through .autom4te.cfg
But even if i wrote a .autom4te.cfg with given lexical rules, it doesn't seem 
to work, if i clean every
previously produced files and re-run autoreconf --install....

[start .autom4te.cfg]
begin-language: "Autoconf" args: --cache=./build/ end-language:"Autoconf"
[end .autom4te.cfg]

Another thing that i wonder, how i can force autotools to generate the other 
files like aclocal.m4, config.status, config.log
in a dir that i specify (like build)?. Is there a command for those like it is 
for auxiallary scripts, AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR?
And besides which of the files that i mentioned here can be removed safely 
through make clean? And can be reproduced
using ./configure?


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