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Re: Question about CFLAGS

From: Sérgio Durigan Júnior
Subject: Re: Question about CFLAGS
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 13:51:18 -0300

Hi Bob,

On Wed, 2008-04-16 at 11:24 -0500, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

> > Does that mean that CFLAGS is a variable only for the user? Well, let's
> > say that, for some strong reason, the configure is actually modifying
> > it. What would be the correct behaviour in this case? FYI, I'm talking
> > specifically about Python's build system, which uses 3 internal
> > variables ($BASECFLAGS, $OPT and $EXTRA_CFLAGS), but strangely ignores
> > the value of CFLAGS provided by the user. It's causing some troubles,
> > and we're trying to fix it. More information can be found at
> > .
> That would seem to be a bug in Python's configure script.  When it 
> comes to the variables listed at the tail of configure's --help 
> output:

Yes, it is a bug. What we want to know is if we should append $CFLAGS to
$CFLAGS when the user provides it.

> user provided options should always be treated with respect and should 
> be honored in such a way that the user provided options will have most 
> useful effect.  For example, if you add -I options to CPPFLAGS, then 
> the user-provided portion should be prepended so that the user can use 
> CPPFLAGS to override a default inclusion.  For CFLAGS, the user 
> provided part should likely be appended so that the user can override 
> the defaults.
> If a package is using Automake, then it is useful to take advantage of 
> AM_ prefixed variables in order to taint user-provided input as little 
> as possible.

Unfortunately, Python doesn't use AM_* flags at all. In fact, it seems
it doesn't use Automake too.

> Regardless, I seem to have built a 64-bit version of Python in an 
> environment which defaults to 32-bits by defining 'CC' rather than 

Yes, that's possible indeed. Actually, we're thinking in just use CC and
forget the whole CFLAGS thing... Maybe that's the most intelligent


Sérgio Durigan Júnior
Linux on Power Toolchain - Software Engineer
Linux Technology Center - LTC
IBM Brazil

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