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Re: Integration of autoconf and pkg-config

From: Stefano Sabatini
Subject: Re: Integration of autoconf and pkg-config
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 16:37:17 +0100
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On date Wednesday 2007-12-19 14:38:31 +0000, Patrick Welche wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 10:31:16AM +0100, Stefano Sabatini wrote:
> > Just another little newbie question, am I supposed to copy the pkg.m4
> > file containing the macro somewhere into my package (e.g. in
> > aclocal.m4)?
> I don't know about pkg.m4 specifically, but if there is a macro in it
> which you need, I would e.g. create a directory m4, copy pkg.m4 into it,
> add
> to, and
> to (assuming you are using automake)

>From the autoconf manual:

|    Future versions of `autopoint', `libtoolize', `aclocal' and
|    `autoreconf' will use directory DIR as the location of additional
|    local Autoconf macros.  Be sure to call this macro directly from
|    `' so that tools that install macros for `aclocal' can
|    find the declaration before `--trace' can be called safely.

No I'm not using automake (learning autoconf is a sufficient hassle
for the moment), yet the possibility to have a dir where to put all
the additional M4 macros files used is intriguing.

The abovementioned solution without using automake doesn't work, while it
works simply putting in aclocal.m4 the used macros. 

Thanks for your reply.

Stefano Sabatini
Linux user number 337176 (see

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