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what does not belong in a distribution

From: Thomas Porschberg
Subject: what does not belong in a distribution
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 20:52:25 +0100


we use autoconf, automake and libtool for our project.

I created a tarball with "make dist" and the latest set
of the GNU build utils (autoconf 2.61, automake 1.10, libtool 1.5.22)
and sent it to another programmer.

The other programmer run configure, compiled the program and got a
segmentation fault at runtime. This was no surprise because I got the
same segmentation fault. 

However if he run our script (something like:

rm -f config.cache
rm -f config.log
rm -f configure
rm -f aclocal.m4

aclocal -I config/m4
autoheader --force
libtoolize --force --copy --automake
automake --add-missing --copy --force-missing
autoconf --force 

and builds the executable again the segmentation fault disappeared.
He does not use the same set of the GNU build utils.
The problem itself has something to do with static initialization of
variables, the executable is linked against some (selfmaded)
shared libraries.
The problem disappears when a monolithic build is used,

Could it be a problem of a wrong assembled tarball ?


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