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Re: help a newbie?

From: Nick Rizzolo
Subject: Re: help a newbie?
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 22:16:43 -0600

Thanks for all your help, guys.

I've started installing the updated tools on my laptop, since I don't
have root access on the machine I originally inquired about (and I
want them on my laptop anyway).  It's an iBook G4 running Mac OS
10.3.9.  It had m4 1.4 installed already, but I installed 1.4.8.

Unfortunately, I didn't set my PATH correctly at first, so when I
configured and built autoconf 2.61, the old m4 was the only one
available.  Then when I ran 'make check', there was an unexpected
failure (245: AC_TYPE_INTMAX_T).  I suppose I should report this on
the bug-autoconf list?

Then I cleaned everything off, set my PATH correctly, reconfigured and
built autoconf, and the only tests that failed were expected failures.
Things are moving in the right direction.

Thanks again,
- Nick

On 1/15/07, Eric Blake <address@hidden> wrote:
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According to Bob Proulx on 1/15/2007 5:06 PM:
> So this is the complete list as I know it.  Update these and make sure
> you have m4-1.4.8 available before building autoconf or the resulting
> autoconf will not work right.  (Unfortunately it will still pass all
> of the tests though.)

Actually, autoconf will work with the 10-year-old m4 1.4, which is why we
made an effort to ensure the autoconf 2.61 testsuite works for the entire
m4 1.4.x range.  But by using an older m4, you are exposing yourself to
the potential that a poorly written .m4 file used by your project (or even
a malicious .m4 file that someone manages to get in autom4te's path) can
cause a core dump, or on some architectures, the execution of random code.
 The recommendation for using 1.4.8 is not a hard requirement, merely a
good idea.  However, it IS a hard requirement that you use GNU M4 1.4 or
later; other vendor's m4 implementations, as well as GNU M4 1.3 or
earlier, are insufficient.

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