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Re: KDE 3.5.5 autoconf errors

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: KDE 3.5.5 autoconf errors
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 18:01:09 -0600
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
I don't have autoconf > 2.59 on that box, but I am forwarding this to > kde-devel to see if anyone else can help (and to let them know about the > problem). Any autoconf folks that want to look could download any KDE > 3.5.5 package to see an example of this problem (at least I guess any > package will do, I am building artwork ATM).

But we don't necessarily have your exact system to test on, so if you do
not post the corresponding bits of config.log that show the errors that
belong to these warnings, then helping you is so much more work.

I wasn't talking about the "real" errors, I was talking about the appearance of "AC_PACKAGE_NAME" in the errors (and configure, really). Therefore I think what you really want is the computer of the person that rolled the packages. :-)

Actually, looking in e.g. I see "AC_INIT(acinclude.m4)". I'm not sure what this means...?

I assume/hope it is safe to freshly unpack a package and (re-)run 'autoconf' and see what is generated?

Yes, and please give them details from config.log.

Ok, thanks. which I meant that I consider this part of the conversation concluded until I have more time to do so. (But I intend to take a closer look myself, first, to see if I can't spot the problem on my own, before I send big logs flying around.)

This looks like a problem in 2.59; I have configure scripts for kdevelop SVN generated by 2.59 and 2.60, and 2.59 has the problem. 2.60 doesn't seem to have anything like the 'Report this...' message,

Wrong.  The warning is just worded a bit differently (and doesn't
contain a reference to who to report to, since it knows none).

Clarification: I was searching for '## ----', NOT any particular wording of the message. Oddly enough, I found it now; couldn't before. Huh.

Ok, so autoconf-2.60 on my computer generates the same bad-ness from the same input. Would this be something about "AC_INIT(acinclude.m4)"? I looked at that file, but I have no clue what it is doing, so I don't know what it might be missing to set the bug report address.

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