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Re: multiline output variables.

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: multiline output variables.
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 09:24:06 +0100
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* Dan Manthey wrote on Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 01:17:17AM CET:
> Here's what I hope is a final solution to multiline output variables and
> the related rework of _AC_OUTPUT_FILES.

Which version is the patch against?  Some hunks fail against CVS HEAD.
(not that I could promise a stress-test, but it'd be easier to try if
it applied cleanly).

Other than that: found a typo:

> --- doc/autoconf.texi.old     2004-08-20 16:51:34.000000000 -0400
> +++ doc/autoconf.texi 2005-01-25 19:08:11.162836800 -0500
> @@ -7126,9 +7126,15 @@
>  or more @file{Makefile}s).  This means that @code{AC_OUTPUT} will
>  replace instances of @samp{@@@var{variable}@@} in input files with the
>  value that the shell variable @var{variable} has when @code{AC_OUTPUT}
> -is called.  This value of @var{variable} should not contain literal
> -newlines.  (There is currently no portable way to escape literal
> -newlines.)
> +is called.  It is now permissible for the value to contain newlines.
> +The substituted value is not rescanned for more output variables;
> address@hidden@@@var{variable}@@} in the value is inserted literally into the
> +output file.  (Actually, the surrounding @code{@@}s are replaced with
> address@hidden|#@@!@@#|}, and all occurances of @code{|#@@!@@#|} are 
> ultimately


> +replaced with @code{@@}.  If by some misfortune, you need a literal
> address@hidden|#@@!@@#|} in your output file, use @code{|#|#@@!@@#|!@@#|}.
> +Similarly, all values are begun with with @code{|#@@!_!@@#|}, which is
> +in turn deleted.)
>  If @var{value} is given, in addition assign it to @var{variable}.
>  @end defmac


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