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Re: Using $bindir in

From: Magnus Therning
Subject: Re: Using $bindir in
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 07:57:15 +0100
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You are right, $bindir is the directory is going to be installed in.
However strange, I do have a reason for wanting to use it in my

We have a set of related projects, they should all be installed in the
same locations. The executable I need AC_PATH_PROGRAM to find is
installed by one of the projects, and needed in building several of the
other projects. I thought it would be nice to not force the user to
modify $PATH before building by adding $bindir to the path that's
searched by AC_PATH_PROGRAM.


Magnus Therning                 Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven
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In my opinion, shareware tends to combine the worst of commercial software
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