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Help? AC_LIBOBJ. upgrade from 2.13

From: Donald G Porter
Subject: Help? AC_LIBOBJ. upgrade from 2.13
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 14:59:39 -0500 (EST)

Trying to upgrade from the autoconf-2.13 conventions.  Read about
using AC_LIBOBJ to take care of constructing the LIBOBJS value.

Documentation at


"Macro: AC_LIBOBJ (function)
    Specify that `function.c' must be included in the executables to
    replace a missing or broken implementation of function.

    Technically, it adds `function.$ac_objext' to the output variable
    LIBOBJS ..."
Trouble is that it doesn't seem to do that.  In the substituted files,
I see @LIBOBJS@ replaced by `function$U.$ac_objext' and not 
`function.$ac_objext' as the documentation promised.

Reading further, I see that the extra $U is something that automake
users want.  But I don't want it.  How can I instruct autoconf not
to add the $U and instead follow its own documentation?
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