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[ #216731] format and printing problems

From: Justin Pence via RT
Subject: [ #216731] format and printing problems
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 04:06:13 -0500

I'm Justin Pence, one of the webmasters. Got a mail that I think 
should be forwarded to you guys. 
Subject: format and printing problems 
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 10:50:24 +0100 
To: address@hidden, address@hidden 
From: Roy Souther <address@hidden> 
I had a problem trying to print the file but I was able to 
solved the problem before this email went out. You should think about 
fixing the file on the website. The ps file is formated for US letter 
but the content of it is in A4 format. When I open the dvi file with 
xgdvi I can print it to PDF then print to paper and it works. 
 Original message: 
>From this page 
I downloaded the file. It looks great in ghostview ggv 
and kghostview but every program and every OS that I try to print it 
from it will not print the top lines of the page. It comes out looking 
like the contents of the page was moved up to far like the top margin 
zero or something. As a result the page numbers and docuement title 
missing from the top of each page.  
 I have tried Mandrake 10 & 10.1, Red Hat 9 and Debian and they all 
this problem. 
 I would very much like a pdf version so I tried to use the standard 
Linux pdf conversion tools but they error and create blank pdf files. 
 What word processor was used to make the ps file? Was it generated 
one of the other files on the web page? Is there a different version 
the file somewhere else? It looks like the file was made from the dvi 
version. I have no idea how to do this but will look in to that 
 I cannot find a contact for the authors of this file, David 
BenElliston and Akim Demaille. 
 Roy Souther 
Let Open Source help your business move beyond. 

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