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Re: doc dirs?

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: doc dirs?
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 13:19:39 +0200

RĂ¼diger Kuhlmann wrote:
>  AC_SUBST([infodir],        ['${prefix}/info'])dnl
> +AC_SUBST([htmldir],        ['${prefix}/share/doc/html'])dnl
> +AC_SUBST([psdir],          ['${prefix}/share/doc/ps'])dnl
> +AC_SUBST([dvidir],         ['${prefix}/share/doc/dvi'])dnl
> +AC_SUBST([guidedir],       ['${prefix}/share/doc/guide'])dnl
>  AC_SUBST([mandir],         ['${prefix}/man'])dnl

>From my experiences, these docs go usually just into $pkgdocdir, as
unlike info/man there is no implicit directory-search/dirindex-build
by the systemtools. Still, $docdir is missing and desperatly needed - 
some  packagers/distmakers like to have the genericdocs/packagedocs
to live in $prefix/doc (fhs1?), other systems (fhs2?) have them
in $datadir/doc, or even in a Desktop/Documentation-subdir. 
A $docdir should be settable on its own, yes it should...

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