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Re: autoconf-2.50 feedback

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: autoconf-2.50 feedback
Date: 15 Jun 2001 10:33:14 +0200
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| Hi,
| My general impressions after 1 day of autoconf 2.50 use.
| - The backtrace facility is really a nice feature.

Cool :)

| - "config.status much faster on most architectures"
|   but configure is slower. Here are the timings of gettext's configure:
|     autoconf 2.13:   23.0 sec real   14.2 sec user
|     autoconf 2.50:   24.5 sec real   14.8 sec user

Hm, I didn't pay attention to this, that's right.

But I can tell you the tests are much better now, so I think it
deserves this difference.  Have a look at config.log too.  The point
is really to let the maintainer find everything she needs in there.
And BTW, if you lack some information in it, ask for it!

|   So you are not following Moore's law that programs should get twice as
|   slow every 18 months, in order to compensate the increase in CPU speed
|   in the same time :-)

:) :)

Well, that's nothing compared to autoconf itself :(  It's sloooooooooooooow!

| - Why is the @host_alias@ Makefile variable not set any more? It is still
|   documented.

That's a bug, thanks!

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