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Re: help2man ... (Re: man2html problem)

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: help2man ... (Re: man2html problem)
Date: 13 Jun 2001 13:50:30 +0200
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[Cc to Autoconf, since it does matter.]

>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Mai <address@hidden> writes:

[Extending missing as opposed to playing with `help2man --version`.]

>>  I insist.  That's the way to go.

Alexander> That's the address@hidden attitude of all those auto* coders: they
Alexander> believe they determine the rules of the game. 

Keep calm!

I have much more experience than you have, I look much farther than
you do, and I know what I will accept, and what I won't.

If only you'd have paid attention to missing, you'd know I'm right.

And sorry, but if you disagree, it won't change anything.  I know I'm
right, and I know I have other things to do than debate.

I am sympathetic to your problem although I should just not care:
these are Autoconf maintainer tools.  Stop pushing me please.

Alexander> Same with this ANSI check: while a trivial solution would
Alexander> exist (merge const, prototype and some header checks)

Who are you to say something like `trivial' about Autoconf?

Do you only envision how primordial Autoconf is for the while free
software/open source world?

It is _not_ trivial.

It is trivial to have wishes, not to have sound, portable and backward
compatible solutions.

Stay with us, read the lists, and then, once you have some experience
in the field, come and propose alternatives.

Alexander> there's no reasonable one at all, and people are told "too
Alexander> much work", in 5 years, etc. What are you doing all the
Alexander> time???  That's the very same for all those tools. I guess
Alexander> it's time to consider alternatives. I should have a look at
Alexander> "imake" again ... :->

Do whatever you want, Alexander.  I'm sorry you take it like this.

The solution you propose is not good because it just does not scale to
other projects.  That's why I'm referring to missing: that way we
address an issue and have the other people benefit from it.

Our purpose is to factor the effort.  You are asking me to waste my

Alexander> How did _you_ join this group of developers?? ;-)

Because Autoconf was a even bigger piece of junk and I had to get into
it to have what I needed ;)

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