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autoconf 2.50 tests and cache

From: mike burrell
Subject: autoconf 2.50 tests and cache
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 09:57:24 -0600
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In addition to the problem outlined in the message below, it seems the
address address@hidden listed in the README is erroneous :)


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From: mike burrell <address@hidden>
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Subject: autoconf 2.50 tests and cache
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I am having problems installing the newly released autoconf 2.50.

I use a single cache file for all packages I configure (by setting
cache_file).  When doing the tests ("make check" IIRC) for autoconf 2.50, it
seems to pollute this cache file.  Specifically, it seems to be happening
around, where it sets CPP to "./mycpp".  This value is then
stored in the cache file, and then all further tests involving CPP fail,
because they are (presumably) expecting a real pre-processor.

I have temporarily unset cache_file as a work-around.  All the tests are
passing now.

I haven't supplied a patch because I'm not familiar with the structure of
autoconf, but hopefully you can fix this somehow for the next release.

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