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$(YACC) on Linux

From: Vaclav Barta
Subject: $(YACC) on Linux
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 18:50:57 +0100


I have a program ( I'd like to
autoconfiscate. Among other interesting complications, it has a couple
of parsers generated with bison & flex. As far as I
understand autoconf+automake (I *think* I'm asking about autoconf,
but even about that I'm not sure), the autoconf-generated
configure should substitute @YACC@ in for the proper 
parser name in the generated Makefile. On my system (SuSE Linux 
6.4), it (autoconf 2.13) substitutes "bison -y", which is almost 
correct: according to the bison 1.25 man page, -y fixes the parser
output file name to and "other outputs" to, among others, - except is *not* generated by default; an extra option
(-d) to bison is required. So the ylwrap script silently fails to make a
header file my lexer needs and the build fails in a very mystifying (to
me, at least) way.

I can define YFLAGS = -d in my and it will work on my 
machine. What I'd like to ask, is, of course: is this the right,
autoconf-sanctioned, portable thing to do? And even better - would it be
possible to fix autoconf to handle this possibility?


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