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Re: gcc -nologo?

From: Tobias Hunger
Subject: Re: gcc -nologo?
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 13:27:50 +0200

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On Sunday 01 April 2001 02:12, you wrote:
> First, when reporting a potential bug, you should try to give some
> relevant information, such as the operating system you are using, the CPU,
> the compiler version, and so on.  (A minimal that exhibits
> the problem would also be useful, if you can make one.)

Yeah, you are right. I forgot about that again (although I keep getting upset
when people do so when sending bug-reports to me). Sorry, this was very

I'm using Debian Linux (2.4.2acSomething). My compiler is either gcc Version
2.95.3 or the current snapshot of gcc 3.0. The CPU is Intel Pentium II (300
or 400MHz), one of the computers I see this problem with is a SMP-machine.
Sending a snapshot is not very easy since our build system is rather complex
and big (consisting of several independent packages that are configured
together which are surprisingly dependent once you want to get a single file
out of it:-).

> Second, you should try the latest snapshot of autoconf
> ( to see if it
> continues to exhibit a similar problem.  (It shouldn't give exactly the
> same error, because the new version no longer tries the -nologo flag.

You should have a link on your homepage to that file.

This is what happens after the upgrade:
/home/export/berlin/Berlin> autoconf
./aclocal.m4:904: /usr/bin/m4: Non-numeric argument to built-in `divert' /usr/bin/m4: Non-numeric argument to built-in `divert' /usr/bin/m4: Non-numeric argument to built-in `divert' /usr/bin/m4: Non-numeric argument to built-in `divert' /usr/bin/m4: Non-numeric argument to built-in `divert' warning: AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS: you should use literals
/home/export/berlin/Berlin> autoconf --version
autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.49d
Written by David J. MacKenzie.

What did I do wrong here? I installed the new version over the old one. All
dirs were identical as far as I can tell. Wow, great, the same happens after
downgrading autoconf again:-(

> Third, it seems to be incorrectly figuring out how to run the C
> preprocessor.  To do this, autoconf-2.13 tries to preprocess a small file
> containing two lines:
> #include <assert.h>
> Syntax Error
> (The second line is to give an error if it tries to compile it, I think.)
> It first tries 'gcc -E', then 'gcc -E -traditional-cpp', then 'gcc -nologo
> -E', then some other things.  You might try running these tests "by hand"
> to see if they work, or if there is something broken on your system.

'gcc -E' works fine.

This whole problem could very well be our fault. We had problems with
configure setting flags wrong (for gcc v3) since it used gcc for it's tests
while the program was later compiled with g++. Stefan filed this as a bug in

> A workaround, by the way, should be to set the CPP environment variable to
> the name of a working C preprocessor command on your system.
> Cordially,
> Steven G. Johnson

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