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Re: Not-really-cross-compilation issues

From: Peter Eisentraut
Subject: Re: Not-really-cross-compilation issues
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 17:02:32 +0100 (CET)

Akim Demaille writes:

> Peter> Autoconf now assumes that if you can't run a program then you
> Peter> must be cross-compiling, so you should use --host.
> No, it says `It doesn't work', and `if you were doing cross
> compilation, then say it loud and clear'.
> What kind of message would you suggest?

No message, just continue.  Or maybe some message, but continue anyway.
Notice how my example didn't even use AC_CANONICAL_xxx, so the
specification of --host is completely pointless.  This will confuse users.

> Peter> You will get the same failure, btw., if your build tree is on a
> Peter> noexec partition, because the test program won't run.
> One must be mad to run configure on such a partition.  To bad for him.


Peter Eisentraut      address@hidden

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