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Re: OBJEXT and latest CVS autoconf?

From: Assar Westerlund
Subject: Re: OBJEXT and latest CVS autoconf?
Date: 29 Dec 2000 01:29:59 +0100
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Harlan Stenn <address@hidden> writes:
>  checking whether the C compiler works... cat: cannot open conftest.c 
>  no
>  configure: error: C compilermake: *** No targets specifmake: *** No targets 
> specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
> This has never happened before.
> Anybody have any ideas on how I can help track this down?

Does this happen when not running three parallel configures?  Does it
happen with srcdir == objdir or with srcdir != objdir?

Apart from that I think you need to run sh -x configure and figure out
what it's trying to do or why it has failed writing to conftest.c when
cat tries to open it.


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