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Re: [PATCHv5] _AC_DO _AC_DO_STDERR: Evaluate argument twice

From: Nikolai Merinov
Subject: Re: [PATCHv5] _AC_DO _AC_DO_STDERR: Evaluate argument twice
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 17:09:58 +0500
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Hi Zack,

I signed a copyright assignment for GNU Autoconf project; tracking task
for this issue is

If you are ready to review suggested changes I can provide any required


Nikolai Merinov <> writes:

>> Zack Weinberg <> writes:
>>> Please also file a tracking bug for this change at
>>> so we
>>> don't forget about it again.
>>> Finally, I haven't reviewed the code in detail but I would like to see
>>> more comprehensive tests. Right now you're only testing one word in
>>> quotes in CFLAGS; blindly stripping the quotes would do the right
>>> thing.  If I understand your goal correctly, you should be testing
>>> things like `configure CC="cc -std=c89"` and
>>> `CPPFLAGS="-Dfunction_like_macro(with, arguments)=..."` (put something
>>> in the ... that actually uses the arguments).
> Updated patch with improved test cases attached. 
> I provided 4 test cases:
>  1. AC_COMPILE_IFELSE with pre-created CPPFLAGS. This test will fail with
>     current autoconf code.
>  2. Compilation of the same code where CPPFLAGS passed through
> This one will work with current autoconf code
>     correctly.
>  3. AC_RUN_IFELSE with function call passed through CPPFLAGS. This test
>     will fail with current autoconf code.
>  4. Running of the same code where CPPFLAGS passed through
> This test will work correctly with current autoconf
>     code.
> I think that the tests pairs 1, 2 and 3, 4 should always provide same
> results. Without suggested modification they gives us different
> results.
>>> Please also try to
>>> think of situations where double evaluation would do the *wrong*
>>> thing; that will help us understand the potential negative
>>> consequences of this change.
> I can suggest only one scenario when double evaluation would do wron
> thing: Custom _AC_DO_STDERR command that used only through
> configuration, but never will be reproduced in Something
> like
>> _AC_DO_STDERR([echo \"hello\" >&2]) && test "$(cat conftest.err)" = '"hello"'
> Regards,
> Nikolai

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