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Re: RFC: build: be robust to missing flex

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: RFC: build: be robust to missing flex
Date: Sun, 6 May 2012 10:40:36 +0200

Le 13 avr. 2012 à 10:16, Stefano Lattarini a écrit :

>>> I think the best fix in the long term would be to enhance AC_PROG_LEX to set
>>> a variable telling whether $LEX is flex or not (similarly to what is done by
>>> AC_PROG_CC etc.).  The Bison's configure could simply use this variable to
>>> determine whether a good-enough flex has been found.
>>> Would you think it worthwhile to submit a patch to Autoconf before 2.69 gets
>>> released?
>> hi Stefano,
>> What do you think about this?  If this suits Autoconfers, I can
>> provide a more complete patch for Autoconf.  And if good enough,
>> AC_PROG_YACC will follow with Bison.
>> I confess I am a bit frustrated to define FLEX to yes/''
> I agree with you, and in fact I find that confusing.  I understand that it
> is done in order to be more consistent with what AC_PROG_CC and friends do,
> but here clarity should win over consistency IMHO.
> So what about naming the variable as 'LEX_IS_FLEX' instead?

I agree.  I installed the following in Bison's maint branch.

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