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Re: DJGPP support in Autoconf

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: DJGPP support in Autoconf
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 06:23:05 +0200
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Hello Eli, all,

First off, thanks everyone for the reviews and comments.  I've fixed up
the patches as desired and pushed them.

* Eli Zaretskii wrote on Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 09:38:15PM CEST:
> > From: Ralf Wildenhues
> > I think it is more sensible to have
> > at least the simple workarounds in upstream Autoconf, so that other
> > packages don't have to replicate your config.sed approach, given that
> > this platform still seems to be used.
> Not all of GDB's config.sed is related to Autoconf.  In fact, most of
> it isn't: most of the changes are there to support building on plain
> DOS, where we have to cope with the 8+3 limitations of the file names.

OK.  FYI, if you need shorter object file names due to renamed objects
by automake, look at the *_SHORTNAME feature.  (I bet you'll find the
odd bug or two, I haven't seen this used anywhere, but I'd appreciate

> Various DJGPP tools will automatically adapt themselves at run time,
> and, for example, generate FOO.i1, FOO.i2 etc. from FOO.texi, instead
> of the usual, etc.  But the Makefiles generated
> by configure will only reference*, which on plain DOS will
> not find FOO's Info files.  Similarly with y_tab.c produced by Bison
> instead of, etc. etc.
> Most of the edits done by config.sed are designed to handle these
> issues.


> > One question: is there a better way to detect whether we
> > are running under DJGPP than
> >   test -n "$DJGPP"
> It's better to test for $DJDIR.  The reason is that $DJGPP is set in
> the environment by the user that might wish to invoke DJGPP programs
> from time to time.  But its presence in the environment does not yet
> mean that a DJGPP program is actually running.  By contrast, $DJDIR is
> set by the DJGPP startup code that runs in every DJGPP executable, so
> if it is present, you can be sure that some DJGPP program is in fact
> running in that very VM.

I've changed the code to use DJDIR.

> > -- PATH_SEPARATOR is detected wrongly.  This can be fixed with a
> > file or by exporting the variable beforehand:
> >   export PATH_SEPARATOR=';'
> The stock version of that comes with the DJGPP port of
> Bash has a bug: it has the above line, but without quoting the
> semi-colon.

Yes, I ran across that, too.  Sorry for not mentioning it.

> > -- as_ln_s setting wrong?
> Configure scripts should use either `ln' (without -s) or "cp -p" with
> DJGPP, as support for symlinks is only available in the unofficial
> versions of DJGPP library and tools.

Ah, ok.  I might look at this again.


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