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Fix a couple of links in standards.texi

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Fix a couple of links in standards.texi
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 21:43:52 +0100
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Hello Karl,

I was looking at getting updated files into the Autoconf repo, and found
some really minor glitches in standards.texi.  Please consider the patch
below.  I noted that with it, the git links to config.guess and
config.sub work from within the info file, but not the PDF, as the
latter translates ';' to '%3b'.  Not sure whether that is a bug in
texinfo.tex or in gitweb.


2008-03-28  Ralf Wildenhues  <address@hidden>

        * standards.texi: Fix links to config and gnulib repos, add some

diff --git a/doc/standards.texi b/doc/standards.texi
index 6b4c774..4cb5ed3 100644
--- a/doc/standards.texi
+++ b/doc/standards.texi
@@ -307,7 +307,7 @@ technique.
 @cindex GUILE
 The standard extensibility interpreter for GNU software is GUILE
-(@uref{}), which implements the
+(@uref{}), which implements the
 language Scheme (an especially clean and simple dialect of Lisp).  We
 don't reject programs written in other ``scripting languages'' such as
 Perl and Python, but using GUILE is very important for the overall
@@ -1013,10 +1013,10 @@ abbreviation as usual, as in the examples below.
 @table @asis
 @item GPL
-GNU General Public License, @url{}.
+GNU General Public License, @url{}.
 @item LGPL
-GNU Lesser General Public License, @url{}.
+GNU Lesser General Public License, 
 @item GPL/Guile
 GNU GPL with the exception for Guile; for example, GPLv3+/Guile means
@@ -1026,47 +1026,47 @@ GNU GPL with the exception for Ada.
 @item Apache
 The Apache Software Foundation license,
 @item Artistic
-The Artistic license used for Perl, @url{}.
+The Artistic license used for Perl, 
 @item Expat
-The Expat license, @url{}.
+The Expat license, @url{}.
 @item MPL
-The Mozilla Public License, @url{}.
+The Mozilla Public License, @url{}.
 @item OBSD
 The original (4-clause) BSD license, incompatible with the GNU GPL
 @item PHP
-The license used for PHP, @url{}.
+The license used for PHP, @url{}.
 @item public domain
 The non-license that is being in the public domain,
 @item Python
-The license for Python, @url{}.
+The license for Python, @url{}.
 @item RBSD
 The revised (3-clause) BSD, compatible with the GNU GPL,
 @item X11
 The simple non-copyleft license used for most versions of the X Window
-system, @url{}.
+system, @url{}.
 @item Zlib
-The license for Zlib, @url{}.
+The license for Zlib, @url{}.
 @end table
 More information about these licenses and many more are on the GNU
 licensing web pages,
 @node --help
@@ -2855,7 +2855,7 @@ void error (int status, int errnum, const char *format, 
 A simple way to use the Gnulib error module is to obtain the two
 source files @file{error.c} and @file{error.h} from the Gnulib library
 source code repository at
 Here's a sample use:
@@ -3846,7 +3846,7 @@ The @code{configure} script needs to be able to decode 
all plausible
 alternatives for how to describe a machine.  Thus,
 @samp{athlon-pc-gnu/linux} would be a valid alias.  There is a shell
 script called
 @file{config.sub}} that you can use as a subroutine to validate system
 types and canonicalize aliases.
@@ -3857,7 +3857,7 @@ plain @var{buildtype} argument.  For example, 
 i686-pc-linux-gnu}.  When the build type is not specified by an option
 or argument, the @code{configure} script should normally guess it using
 the shell script
 @cindex optional features, configure-time
@@ -4062,9 +4062,9 @@ advertise them to new potential customers, or to give the 
public the
 idea that their existence is ethical.
 The GNU definition of free software is found on the GNU web site at
address@hidden://}, and the definition
address@hidden://}, and the definition
 of free documentation is found at
address@hidden://}.  The terms ``free''
address@hidden://}.  The terms ``free''
 and ``non-free'', used in this document, refer to those definitions.
 A list of important licenses and whether they qualify as free is in

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