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Re: [RFC] improve autotest syntax checks

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: [RFC] improve autotest syntax checks
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 22:41:12 -0700
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According to Ralf Wildenhues on 3/7/2008 11:30 AM:

Hi Ralf, and thanks for the review,

| m4_init([cleanup]) and AS_INIT([cleanup]) must belong to the least
| intuitive interfaces that I've seen so far.  Why something named init
| receives a cleanup argument rather than the name of or the thing that
| it initializes, will not be understandable to users, and any apparent
| analogy to AC_INIT or AT_INIT is just borked.
| I don't have a good idea how to improve this, but I must confess that I
| don't like it much.  Maybe have a macro m4_init_wrap for this or so?

In other words, guarantee FIFO behavior for m4_wrap (even with earlier M4
versions) and add m4_init_wrap with LIFO behavior?  Sounds better than
requiring registering the wrapup hook during initialization.  I'll work on
that idea, and resubmit the series for review.

| Also, this patch series (and maybe the interface change) deserves a NEWS
| entry.

Sure thing.

|> diff --git a/tests/ b/tests/
|> index 885ecca..5d0cec8 100644
|> --- a/tests/
|> +++ b/tests/
| [...]
|> +AT_CHECK_AT_SYNTAX([Multiple AT@&address@hidden,
|> +[[AT_INIT([suite, take one])
| You need to double-quote comma inside AT_INIT's argument.

Actually, I added a use of m4_expand inside AT_INIT so that I didn't have
to double-quote the comma.  But as that was in a syntax failure test, I
guess I should use a comma in a different test expected to compile cleanly
if I intend to make that behavior the rule.

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