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Re: m4_popdef: undefined macro: AC_Dest

From: Noah Misch
Subject: Re: m4_popdef: undefined macro: AC_Dest
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 11:02:46 -0700
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On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 05:53:27PM -0400, Lubbers, Dave H. wrote:
> The error:
> error: m4_popdef: undefined macro: AC_Dest 
> occurs when I do a ./bootstrap which uses aclocal.
> The popdef is in a for_each loop in status.m4 where there is a pushdef at the 
> top of the loop and a popdef at the bottom of the loop.  An identical loop is 
> found in autoconf.m4f.
> Are there any patches for this?
> redhat enterprise 4 / autoconf 2.59
> The internet has zillions of posts about this error but I was not able to 
> discern a direct answer to any of them.

This problem is usually caused by a `dnl' in a quoted argument to

    dnl foo/Makefile

You can delete the dnl'ed lines, and that should fix things.  If your problem is
different, please post `' or `'.

CVS Autoconf will not report an error in this case, but `configure' will fail:

$ ./configure
./configure: line 1595: syntax error near unexpected token `;;'
./configure: line 1595: `echo "$as_me: WARNING: Cache variable $ac_var contains
a newline." >&2;} ;;'

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