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[RFC] Autotest: AT_TEST and XFAILs

From: Bonzini
Subject: [RFC] Autotest: AT_TEST and XFAILs
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 21:13:24 +0200

In the attempt to add expected failures to Autotest (after which I might use it 
in GNU
Smalltalk!), I found out that there is no clear place to do initializations 
that ought
to be *outside* the subshell.  For this reason I am submitting this patch, 
which adds
another argument to AT_SETUP which does those initializations: you can use it 
AT_KEYWORDS and for my macro AT_XFAIL_IF.

In addition, I am providing an alternative interface than 
single macro called AT_TEST that receives description, commands and 
(like AC_CONFIG_FILES for example).  The attached patch also changes the whole 
suite to use it -- it is quite mechanical to do that with "perl -i -pe".

Two words on expected failures.  First, a test can be marked to fail 
since AT_XFAIL_IF expects a shell expression: this is quite hard to do with 
XFAIL_TESTS.  Second, the code to write the results summary was completely 
redone to
include the wealth of possibilities that you can have with expected failures.

This patch probably does too much.  I can split it if you prefer to review it 
that way
or if you think that only some parts ought to be installed.

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